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Vamizi Island Mozambique

Snorkelling at Vamizi Island Lodge

Grab a snorkel, mask and a set of fins to explore the pristinely decorative coral reefs around andBeyond Vamizi Island in the Quirimbas
Splash in the turquoise hues and travel to the best reefs humming with marine life and snorkel from a motorboat, as a complimentary must from the Vamizi team- as other motorised sports are not inclusive! Discover the mesmerising colours in the kaleidoscopic underwater world, with exceptional snorkelling opportunities! Per chance a sea horse dances by or come across a treasure trove of starfish.

You can always wade into shallow waters for great snorkelling but the best snorkelling spots around the island are only accessible by boat. Snorkelling off a boat, accompanied by a professional guide and skill lessons are offered. Let the warm current carry you as you chat to each other while traversing the sea, finding the ideal spot, and along the way learn about various species of fish and coral. This is a wonderfully magical activity for the whole family to enjoy- for both children and adults alike! Include this fun-filled activity on your awesome Mozambique Holiday of 2019 to Vamizi  Island Lodge.

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