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Vamizi Island Mozambique

A Warm and Contemporary Vamizi Island

Welcome to a warm and contemporary Vamizi Island. A destination still unknown to many yet one loved by the privileged few who have tasted her treasures. A beach destination offering super warm hospitality and weather, blended with modern facilities in the recent refurbishment of 6 huge chic private chalets. It may be difficult to get to Vamizi Island, way off the beaten track in the distant Mozambique Quirimbas Archipelago, but once you arrive, it is all so worthwhile.

The fun begins when you fly in

Your holiday takes off with a private charter from Pemba port to the island and when you see this incredible crescent-shaped isle from the air, you see a natural playground of white beaches, lush vegetation and clear turquoise waves. When you land, you will find an environmental ethos on Vamizi Island where marine conservation goes hand in hand with community upliftment and where your holiday makes all the difference to both.

Warm and contemporary, always

Vamizi Island is warm. All year round. You will live in your bathing costume and spend long hours walking the island, watching turtles, dolphins and whales as they breed and feed, snorkelling and scuba diving, enjoying chilled ocean cruises on traditional dhows and simply laying back on the beach to relax body and mind. This is the true and contemporary epitome of barefoot luxury where the peace is golden and the all-blue sky your constant companion.

Discreet villas tucked away on the beach

Accommodation on Vamizi, a Quirimbas award-winning beach holiday destination, is modern and spacious, made for families or groups of friends seeking privacy and comfort in beautiful surrounds. Scattered discreetly along the shores of the island, these villas are remarkably tasteful, decorated to suit the natural environment, their unobtrusive presence blending into the dune forests. Find monkeys playing nearby, huge Coconut crabs running up tall palm trees and other wildlife visiting your deck.

Private staff to pamper you all day

Choose a five or six-bedroomed house with its own chef, butler and driver at your service to add value to your vacation on Vamizi.  With names from the Portuguese heritage of the region, the villas exude style and unique taste, making your holiday so much more enjoyable. Stroll from your huge private deck onto the white sandy beach and take a walk. Look for turtles laying their eggs at night and take part in the conservation initiatives watched over by researchers on the island.

History makes Vamizi beautiful

Did you know that Vamizi was once called Amisa and a small group of Muslim inhabitants made the beautiful Maluane cloth here? Portuguese traders heard about this and arrived to barter and trade with these people. Today, guests from all over the globe seek the wild yet elegant African escape so relevant to Vamizi Island.

Fish at nearby St Lazarus Banks

Just off the coast of this fantastic vacation experience, lies St Lazarus Banks, famous fishing spot and home to plentiful and enormous sailfish and marlin. Only Vamizi Island guests have access to the private coral reefs, ocean bays and dive sites that surround the island on the southern side. Join the island owners who as they show you the marine reserve around their private villas, part of a conservation project since 2005.

Fresh fish from the ocean

Allow your chef to serve you world class meals fresh from the ocean including grilled crayfish and crab curry. Settle onto your daybed with a book and switch off as your butler tidies your villa and sorts out your children. This is what relaxation is all about so ditch the guilt and make it happen.

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