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The Best Things to See in Vamizi

When you arrive on Vamizi Island on your holidays, one of the best things you will see is, of course, the shape of the island and the colour of its surrounding blue Indian Ocean. Flying into land on this crescent-shaped isle is magical, and you feel as if you don’t want to disturb this postcard-perfect picture of a blissful Mozambique beach destination. Staying here for a week or so, in Vamizi’s embrace, will disturb you – but in positive ways…

Choose things to see and do

We believe that there are many best things to see on Vamizi Island and the choice is yours – see them all or choose a few to see if time is short. Starting with the great outdoors and the environment of ocean and beaches, see the white sands for what they are – a place to lay your hat and relax; a place to leave your footprints as you stroll along seeking cowrie shells. Yes, one of the best things to see at Vamizi is turtle prints in the white sand, proof that the newly-hatched babies have made it to the ocean.

One of the best things to see is a turtle

Bet you didn’t know that Vamizi Island is an important destination for both the Green and Hawksbill Turtles, both listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)as either endangered or critically endangered? The turtles arrive in season to lay clutches of up to 150 eggs in one sitting but they are threatened by fate and human behaviour. Turtles are sadly poached for their meat and shells and are often caught in fishermen’s nets and drowned. And plastic waste in the seas often chokes these amazing creatures to death.

Conservation cooperation

But now the Maluane Project, the Vamizi Island Project and the WWF Partnership, protect these turtles as roleplayers seek to combine tourism with wildlife conservation and community development to protect this unspoilt area. The Vamizi Island Project aims to help local villagers beat the cycle of poverty and improve daily life, conserving marine life at the same time.

You will be seeing some of the best things this way, as conservation is increasingly important now in times of extreme climate change. &Beyond has started a novel approach to marine protection with a new programme which aims to link 3 of their Indian Ocean lodges to help conserve 2000km of rare coastline. This Oceans without Borders initiative links Vamizi to Benguerra and Mnemba Islands where tourism is picking up and the call of the wilderness is strong.

Top class diving to see rare marine animals

You can also don scuba diving gear to get closer to interesting and rare fish while seeing some of the world’s best coral reefs ever. Vamizi happens to be rated as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world where you can explore the famous Neptune’s Arm and other amazing dive sites where few divers adventure at one time. Check out the guided snorkelling excursions too or take a private picnic into a quiet cove and enjoy the sunshine with your partner.

Chic villas for decadent living

Seeing is believing so come and see the mind-boggling beauty and decadence of the newly upgraded 6 spacious private villas on Vamizi Island. With names like Casamina, Kipila, Marjani, Papilio, Suluwilo and Tartaruga, these enormous chalets have private beach access, five to six en-suite bedrooms, swimming pools and decks, entertainment areas and technology, libraries and fully-equipped kitchens. But you won’t need to cook as your private chef will do that for you and your personal butler will serve and clean for you!

Come and see the whales while you enjoy a real escape from the daily grind. Find yourself in the arms of island decadence when you stay longer at Vamizi Island and get up to 30% off with our super 7-night package from US $ 10 395 per couple. Pack those bags, grab your hat and come and lay it on the deck of a huge Vamizi Villa.