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What to Expect in Winter at Vamizi

When you fly to Mozambique in winter, it is unlike any other holiday during the cold months of the year. You will not know what to expect in winter at Vamizi, but be aware that the islands drifting off the east coast of Mozambique don’t seem to experience winter at all with their year-round sunshine, water sports and luxury villas on the beach.

They continue to offer deep sea diving and fishing, ocean cruises to see all manner of wildlife including whales, water sports galore and long walks around the island to view the incredible wildlife and vistas! You will find Vamizi Island far north off Pemba port, where the Quirimbas Archipelago promises an escape like no other.

Silence in paradise

When you land on this crescent shaped island, you still drive for 30 minutes to your private villa where you will probably not see another soul for a few days. Except for committed staff who attend to your every need and show the beauty they revere.

What do you expect in winter at Vamizi? Tranquillity and silence, solitude and calm. You discover silence on the beaches, serenity under water on deep sea dives and an at home feeling where nature becomes a true friend for life. Watch Green turtles digging holes in the sand to lay their eggs, see the monkeys play in the trees and the coconut crabs climb tall palm trees. Swim with dolphins and fish for sparkling silver game fish far out to sea.

6 Spacious villas for discerning explorers

Best of all, you discover 6 gracious villas offering huge amounts of space and luxury in an understated way. Bring your entire family to revel in these elegant accommodation units, recently upgraded by &Beyond to offer havens of soft white sand, gentle turquoise waves and scenery so spectacular you will gasp every morning as the sun rises at the beauty that surrounds you.

Each villa is individually decorated and their names ring true of a wilderness rarely experienced by lucky visitors: Suluwilo, Casamina, Marjani, Tartaruga, Kipila and Papilio. Marjani offers 5 en-suite bedrooms with beach views and a treehouse en-suite for children or honeymooners. Revel in the tasteful décor, private beach sala, exquisite private deck and hands-on five star service. So much luxury, so little time. Then there is Kipila with its towering wooden façade, extensive deck and swimming pool, lush greenery and plush décor to entice those who love a bit more comfort. Sit at the huge 8-seater table and dine on fresh seafood prepared by your private chef!

Conservation ethics

You will appreciate that Vamizi is big on conservation and researchers have discovered that the large groups of Grey Reef Sharks found at Neptune’s Arm dive site consist of females only which could really threaten their future. Join other divers to record sightings of these sharks and to assist Vamizi staff to catch and tag them.

In addition, Vamizi is ideally situated in specific sea currents which contain huge reserves of minute plankton, a major food source for most species living within this complex coral reef system. Divers should look out for huge groups of Giant Potato Cod, Grey Reef Sharks, Snapper, Batfish, Turtles, Barracuda and more. Dive sites such as Neptune’s Arm, Fraggle Rock and Skunk Alley suit both beginners and experienced divers.

Sustainable tourism

You can support the conservation project on Vamizi called the Maluane Project where community members who hail from the 3 villages on the island work with conservationists to preserve the wildlife and still escape poverty through an improved lifestyle.  Simply by staying at Vamizi during winter, you are contributing to this worthwhile project including the development of great medical and educational facilities.

And you have so much fun doing it: eating well, pampering yourself in luxury accommodation with spa pleasures at your fingertips, snorkelling and diving, fishing, mountain biking, birding, dhow cruises and private picnics in secret places. Add to this a bit of yoga, some kayaking and plenty of sailing and you have the best winter holiday on your hands.

We know what to expect in winter at Vamizi, do you? Contact one of our consultants this very minute to get the winter holiday update for this remote island off the shores of Mozambique.

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