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Romantic Getaway to Vamizi Island

Have you planned your romantic getaway to Vamizi Island in the remote and breath-taking Quirimbas Archipelago yet? Do you know where this is? This is Mozambique, and we think that you will love Vamizi Island for its desert island luxury style. Your island holiday will be worth every minute. Complete privacy, the height of romance and full immersion in nature. What more could you ask for?

In a nutshell, Vamizi Island is simply an amazing place which is hard to describe in words. It floats in the Indian Ocean in the far north of Mozambique and is designed to take your breath away. See it to believe it – come to the 12 km long crescent-shaped desert island as soon as you can.

Imagine mixing barefoot bliss with exclusive luxury – romance and adventure, pleasure and simplicity. Vamizi Island is certainly a luxurious indulgence found nowhere else in Africa.  Place of deserted island chic, grandiose design and uncomplicated pleasures. Picture pristine beaches where you and your partner are the only ones around – real castaway stuff. We cannot recommend the hotel and island enough if you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

This is not your usual beach hotel that offers expectant guests room service, haute cuisine a state of the art gym and plenty to do. No, Vamizi Island oozes romance in a stylish kind of way – its big open sided rooms face out to sea and you swimming pool is the warm Indian Ocean, so much better, a Robinson Crusoe experience. You will forget to wear shoes you relax into this wonderful warming environment so easily, in nature at her best.

Your own Mozambican butler or host will organise dreamy beach picnics and sunset drinks on remote white sands just for the two of you. Your secret picnic venue will be all set up and you will be left alone to sip good wine, dine on fresh lobster and simply stare at the ocean for hours. The food at Vamizi is very fresh, with plenty of quality seafood, homemade breads and pastries, fruits and cakes.

We urge you to imagine the most dazzling scene imaginable – an azure sea, endless blue sky, pristine beaches of soft sand, boats floating nearby and tall coconut palms blowing gently in the sea breezes. Bliss and deal for your romantic getaway. The main bar is great when you want to chat to other guests and the water sports huts are worth a visit for that ultimate scuba diving or fishing excursion.

If you like walking take a two to three walk to the lighthouse. Or try a guided trip up the estuary when the tide is right. The sunset cruise on an old traditional dhow is what you need to do if you want more out of your romantic break together and then of course you can book the couple massage in your suite, private and expertly done.

Vamizi Island is honeymoon heaven or the ideal destination in Mozambique to rejuvenate your union with your partner. Go on, check out our special packages for this amazing island venue and book your holiday today.