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Vamizi Island Spa Best Healthy Hideaway

Body and Soul, Mind and Spirit – Vamizi Island, in Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago, is basically one big spa and an amazing hideaway. Care for the whole YOU, both above and below the water. Luxurious massages and first class energy and body treatments will enliven your being. Try other spa packages to change your life forever: customised yoga sessions, reflexology and heated herbal stone massage.

Vamizi Island is a quintessential haven of luxury mixed with rustic charm, where the sun always shines and the service is out of this world. One of the best ways to relax at Vamizi is to pamper yourself with the bouquet of beauty treatments available at the spa. Discreet health and wellness specialists ease your stresses and bring the island’s secrets to you. Nurture your yin and yang –  absorb the sea’s blue energies and the sun’s warmth and light at this healthy hideaway.

Traditional ingredients for the new you

All recipes used have been passed on from the local people. For example, the Vamizi Journey of the Senses combines three Africology mini treatments – guests choose from a back massage, back scrub, head massage, mini facial, foot massage, hand massage, manicure or pedicure.

The Vamizi spa experience is all about  your health and welfare – guests arrive on the island full of stress and tension from daily living. After a few days, and a few spa treatments, a new person emerges, filled with new energy and vigour. Eating fresh wholesome foods from ocean and soil also helps with a natural detox.

Outside activity eases tension too

The spa treatments all happen in the privacy of your own villa so relax and watch the monkeys, crabs, kingfishers and butterflies as someone rubs your back for you.

Take time out to explore the island as part of your therapy and learn more about the sea turtles which breed here and the conservation program which protects them. Take up windsurfing and dhow sailing and you will find the new you.

Vamizi Island is the place of rejuvenation in a luxurious setting – situated in the glorious Quirimbas Archipelago, this hideaway is the place to be when you need a Mozambique holiday and a body massage to boot.


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