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Mozambique Dining Experience

The variety of food at Vamizi Island, in the spectacular Mozambique Quirimbas Archipelago, is fantastic. Fresh from the sea seafood bought from local fishermen as well as plenty of meat and vegetarian dishes make eating at this island destination a sublime experience.

Chefs spend time on the food and the presentation rivals top European restaurants. Seafood lovers will be spoilt with tropical ingredients and the sea breaks on the shore as diners indulge.

During the day, guests can eat in the semi-formal thatched open dining room in the main lodge, or choose to retreat to Muntu Nkulu, a new castaway restaurant open during the winter season on the south side of the island – for a buffet and total relaxation.

Breakfasts include continental treats including muffins, cheese and meat. Chefs also fry your usual bacon, sausage and egg breakfasts, cooked to your liking. Lunch is a buffet of salads, fresh seafood and sushi, meat and hot options such as pizza, lasagna, prawns and rice. Rich and light desserts complete the feast.

Diners can also take the total desert island approach – alone with a ship-wrecked picnic on some deserted beach!

In the evening, the scene is set with flickering lights from torches on the beach. Guests meander over to the main lodge to mingle with staff and chat about their experiences over pre-dinner cocktails. Fresh fish and seafood is served alongside a small selection of wines: think of an amazing crab curry, fine surf and turf or crayfish the size of lobsters.

Try glamorous barbeque grills on the beach or relax at the bar on dozens of cushions and sofas – a heavenly experience.

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