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Such a diverse abundance of things to do on Vamizi Island, starting with its penchant for the conservation of all wildlife and their habitat, and ending with some personal pampering in an award-winning spa.

On the surface, Vamizi Island is utterly mellow. Go a few feet below and everything changes!

The unspoilt reefs and spectacular diversity of marine life make Vamizi Island a diver’s haven! Some of the dives here are said to be the best in the world and the deep sea fishing better than the whole East African coast!

The Vamizi seas are bristling and bursting with big ocean action! A plethora of marine life, ranging from turtles and dugongs to whales and dolphins, and a thriving coral reef beckon to diving enthusiasts.

For those who prefer to really chill, why not enjoy the daily sunset cruises on traditional dhow sailboats? Or sail a Hobie cat with the sea breezes tickling your skin and blowing your hair back!

The ultimate Quirimba Holidays desert paradise island experience!

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Scuba Diving at Vamizi Island

Combining wild underwater landscapes, bountiful tropical ocean currents and an abundance of aquatic life make Vamizi a truly world-class diving holiday destination.
Experience the rush as you dip over the lip of the reef wall, and come across Neptune’s exquisite reef named among the top dive destinations in the world.

Whale watching, dolphins and sharks

Take a boat out and enjoy some of the finest whale and dolphin watching off the Mozambique coast! See Humpback’s and Southern Rights leap out of the water right in front of you. Discover the healthy grey reef sharks in abundance out diving from Vamizi.

Turtle watching and releasing on Vamizi Island

Home too many turtles waiting for night to fall to take their maiden voyage to the ocean’s edge to nest. Staff and guests of Vamizi slowly ‘escort’ the hatchlings by walking alongside them and warding off any nearby predators to ensure each and every baby turtle successfully makes it to the beckoning sea!

PADI Scuba Dive Courses

With a fully established PADI dive center based at the resort, you can learn to dive in style. From beginners to advanced courses available with the resident expert dive instructors. Up your skills on the island.

Fishing at Vamizi Island

The beauty of fishing at Vamizi is in its remoteness - Embark on a thrilling deep-sea fishing excursion, ethically run a blue water spearfishing trip or a catch-and-release fly-fishing adventure. Vamizi does it all with trolling, jigging, live bait, popping, drop shot and bottom fishing.


Dive into the azure waters surrounding Vamizi and explore pristine reefs and corals. Be blown away by the marine life and hundreds of fish species. Even beginners can enjoy this top activity at this world-famous resort.

Cast-away picnics and dhow safaris

Sail off by traditional dhow with your expert crew and discover these amazing vessels which have plied this coast for over a thousand years. Enjoy castaway picnics on remote sandbanks and be the first to add your footprints into the sand as the tide recedes.

Guided nature walks, Community visits and cultural and historical tours

Explore the different tree-lined trails filled with Somango monkeys before stopping off in a deserted sandy cove for a refreshing swim! Immerse yourself in the colourful past or get a glimpse of local life! Explore the local customs and traditions of the fishing communities that make a living from sailing the azure waters of the Quirimbas.