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Guided nature walks at Vamizi Island

Guided Nature Walks, Community Visits and Cultural and historical tours at Vamizi Island

Set off early in the morning, when a multitude of coastal and forest birds is awakening. Vamizi Island is home to a great variety of flora and fauna. The island is lined with a number of trails that venture through the costal forest and along the beach. One of the best ways of experiencing the islands magnificent fauna and flora is to set off on a guided hike along the way your resident guide will help you spot the cheeky Samango monkeys and the giant coconut crabs and a splendid range of coastal birds! Explore the different tree-lined trails before stopping off in a deserted sandy cove for a refreshing swim!
Immerse yourself in the local customs and traditions of the fishing communities-engage and interact with the locals on a guided community visit on &Beyond Vamizi Island.
Local communities on the various islands play an important role in the conservation of reefs, and to a large extent they depend on these sources of fish for their livelihood. Gain insight and perhaps take part in the community development work being done by Friends of Vamizi. While out in the communities, you can visit the local school, – speak to the teachers and meet some of the children they adore new faces and love to show-off their traditions. Ask your guide about the &Beyond Vamizi Island pompoms story, and see if you can try your hand at making one and leave a part of you on the island or take it home as a souvenir.

The Quirimbas boast enormous cultural and historical value-Immerse yourself in the colourful past or get a glimpse of local life!
Step back in time among the forts and monuments of the island encompassed in a forgotten time-capsule or choose an intimate glimpse into the lives of the hardy fishermen that inhabit a tiny chain of islands off the shores of Mozambique. Vivid traces of a colourful past date back to 600 AD, when Arab traders first discovered the islands, establishing a string of trading posts that would be the imprint of cultures from around the world to this quiet little stretch of the Indian Ocean…

Explore the local customs and traditions of the fishing communities that make a living from sailing the azure waters of the Quirimbas. You will find yourself warmly welcomed into the homes of these hospitable people and will discover the rhythm of daily life. Gaze on the smiling faces of children at a local school, witness the excitement as the fishing boats come in, learn about the remedies offered by the local witch doctor or awaken your kindred young-at-heart spirit with a friendly game of football on the soft island sand!

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