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Mozambique Holidays – Visit Vamizi Island

Vamizi Island has always been known for its elite luxury, offered on pristine beaches and in sumptuous villas with selected mod cons and very tasteful décor. Many visitors to Vamizi recall its deserted island rustic chic, castaway desert island, barefoot luxury… and this is all true!

Vamizi Island attracts  the well travelled – looking for something out of the ordinary. Vamizi is seclusion defined, the silence so profound you have to pinch yourself sometimes to make sure you are awake or haven’t gone tone deaf suddenly, in paradise.

Portuguese History and African Touches

Vamizi has an ancient history, that dates back to the  early Arab traders  and Portuguese explorers  of the 15th century. Visitors can still go and see the lighthouse, the church, fort and the wells, reminding them of people who stopped here years ago, entranced by the island’s remote beauty.

Since 2005, Vamizi Island Lodge has been the playground for those who want to indulge in something African, something tastefully tropical and something a little on the wild side. It is one of the largest islands making up the Maluane Concession, which strives to blend tourism with wildlife conservation and community development – in a bid to protect the Quirimba’s Archipelago and the Indian Ocean.

Wildlife and birds, long beaches and azure bays

The island is completely private and the place to be for infinite solitude, connection to nature and holidays of a lifetime. The white sandy beaches welcome turtles during their breeding season while Samango monkeys and coconut crabs play in the indigenous vegetation. No wonder Vamizi is the finest beach property in the Quirimbas!

Dive some of the world’s top dive sites including Neptune’s Arm where professional PADI dive masters will show you fantastic fish and corals. Spend days walking the sandy beaches, snorkelling the azure bays and watching the 112 bird species flit happily in the trees.

There is no such thing as air-conditioning or TV. What you do instead is book a picnic lunch at The Lighthouse and absorb the scenery. What you do instead is indulge in great seafood and long walks! You are forced to unwind at Vamizi Island without being bored.

Rooms are extremely comfortable on stilts with an open sitting room and a roomy bedroom and great bathroom with shower. Dine on fresh tuna caught by guests and be served by smiling local people. Diving is superb with some of the most pristine coral reefs ever seen anywhere.

Your time has come – book your island retreat to Vamizi and never be the same again! Contact one of our consultants today.

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