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Once known as the Islands of Lazarus, the Quirimbas Archipelago is the perfect Mozambique Holiday Destination with is diverse range of beach resorts and hotels, biodiversity and exclusivity. Couples will tell you that a honeymoon on these islands is the ultimate in romance and seclusion with the perfect beach and ocean settings! Vamizi Private Island in the far north stands proud as the best five star lodge in the archipelago.

Many decades ago, Arab trading posts and Portuguese trading routes dominated these seas and today many of these 34 islands remain uninhabited. Vamizi Island is immersed in the Indian Ocean and is easier to reach than guests may think, considering how deserted it is. The traditional sailing dhows that pepper the horizon are still built to the same design of the boats that sailed from Arabia a thousand years ago. With the steady trade winds blowing throughout the year these sturdy vessels remain a crucial part of the life of the local people. Its a great idea to do a dhow cruise and if you are a little more adventurous why not do an island hopping dhow safari for a few nights through the archipelago. These safaris are organised from the historical Ibo Island and are hugely popular with guests.

If you really want to connect with nature, head for the Quirimbas National Park for your elite Mozambique holiday. Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints in this conservation paradise. Choose an island of your choice and book one of the top five islands for  Mozambique Holiday Packages breakaway include Ibo Island, Vamizi Island, Quilalea Island, Matemo Island and Medjumbe Island.

Think stunning surroundings, gorgeous rooms, great diving, privacy, excellent food and on all of these will be delivered. &BeyondVamizi Island is the best “barefoot luxury” you could possibly experience with its spacious, secluded villas and their private terraces, huge marble showers and airy design. You can swim with dolphins or whale watch from boats with guides. On starry nights go quietly and watch a massive Leatherback turtle come up and lay her eggs. Maybe you will even be fortunate to witness the hatchlings tottering into the azure seas a few months later.

It is hard to believe that islands so isolated get the food absolutely right: fresh lobster, prawns and fish straight from the sea – brilliantly trained chefs may ask you for a request which they will gladly create!

And when it comes to water sports, the Quirimbas Archipelago is a premier destination for fishing and diving enthusiasts: the area supplies crucial habitat for feeding turtles and is also known as an important nursery area for bottlenose and humpback dolphins and whales.

If you are a fisherman, you will have heard of St Lazarus Bank, a top class fishing destination in the Mozambique Quirimbas. Lying far out to sea, it features extraordinary drop-offs of 2 000 metres making this part of the region excellent big game and salt water fly fishing territory! We do book fishing charters to Lazarus on luxury catamarans and the best season for the pelagics and weather will be September through to December.

So pick that choice accommodation today and plan a trip to this amazing Mozambique Holiday destination!

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