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Vamizi Island Mozambique

A Superb Quirimba Hotel and Resort

Do you want to stay in a superb Quirimba Hotel and Resort situated on a unique floating island in the heart of Mozambique’s northern archipelago region? Surrounded by beautiful beaches and a sea so blue it hypnotises you, Vamizi Island is a unique setting made for fantasy and exclusive escape from real life.

Vamizi exceeds all expectations. Superb in more senses than one, this island resort features high up on the list of those who care – about relaxing and about the natural environment. Exquisite kitalis are very spacious, ideally situated within delightful surrounds and feature amazing beds, linen and en-suite bathrooms. Learn more about superb Vamizi accommodation here.

Everything is quality and unique and professional staff smile all the while and ensure your holiday is nothing short of perfect at this superb Quirimba Hotel and Resort. Food is so good that you will find it hard to diet or to leave – top class chefs create wonderful edible works of art, mostly fresh and from the sea!

On the superb Vamizi island, you are so secluded you feel as if you have the entire island to yourself. You rarely see other guests and start to believe you are on a desert island – except that the utter luxury of the fittings and facilities remind you that you are indeed in paradise. There is no better hotel in the Quirimba Archipelago for a holiday completely removed from it all.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast then spend your day walking the island, snorkeling and watching turtles lay their eggs – the ‘Vamizi Island Project’ was created to actively monitor the wildlife on and around the island, to educate the community and to ensure tourism and conservation work hand in hand.

Diving at the superb Vamizi Island in the Quirimba Archipelago is a very special experience because Vamizi guests have the dive sites to themselves. Dives are fast and breath-taking, with sightings of huge varieties of marine species in a giant ocean aquarium.  Divers are guaranteed views of giant potato cod in huge groups, grey reef sharks, snapper and batfish, turtles, barracuda and other wonderful fish.

Call this a hotel or a resort – it is mostly a desert island lodge where superb villas house you, body and mind, for a few days. The island attracts visitors from across the globe to experience something different, something truly African and something decadent yet natural. You are alone on an island but surrounded by wonderful facilities and food and things to do – or not do.

Book your little piece of paradise today and find yourself getting away from real life, just for a bit. Contact one of our consultants to assist you.