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Vamizi Island Fly Fishing Fun

The likes of Daniel Craig and Tom Hanks have been to Vamizi Island and whether they learned to fly fish is the big question! Fly fishing off the shore is great at Vamizi Island if the wind is right and the tides behaving. Head to the Quirimbas Archipelago off northern Mozambique and find this true desert island.


Have you ever heard of ‘popping’? This is a popular fly fishing technique especially successful for catching Giant Trevally (GT). Using a fixed spool reel, anglers reel in a popper the size of a cucumber fast enough to create as much splashing as possible. It is said that the GT thing this thing is a panicking baitfish and come to grab it!

Catching a giant fish with a drink in hand

Vamizi Island really knows how to host its fishermen – when shore fishing, anglers are treated to private picnics on the beaches, complete with tables, white tablecloths, and the best cold lobster, wines, beers, and salads. You fish when the tides favor the fish and you eat when the going gets rough.

Giant Trevally like the neap tides – when the tide is not that high or low, twice a month – and they are followed by huge Dogtooth Tuna. These can be reeled in at a stunning 16 kg a shot and the Yellowfin Tuna are just as exciting. The thrill of the catch is an adventure on its own and the catch-and-release policy part of the island’s dedication to ocean conservation.

On Vamizi Island the water is desalinated for guests’ consumption as there is no water at all and locals are forced to buy their water. Seafood is served straight from the ocean and fresh produce procured from the local people. It is the getaway for the rich and famous, known for its spa treatments, its stunning beaches, and conservation policies.

As a shore angler, you too will agree that Vamizi Island is the most romantic island in the Quirimbas Archipelago – but only if you catch a big one after a luxurious beach picnic, that is!

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